London Community Land Trust

A radical new approach to housing

Co-Design Toolkit

A toolkit for collaborative processes

Hounslow Housing Design Quality Vision

A locally specific definition of quality

Becontree Avenue

Locally distinctive social housing

Angel Yard

Intergenerational cohousing community

Astley Estate

Co-designed Estate Regeneration

Becontree Estate Retrofit

Co-designed Retrofit at scale

Habinteg Vision for Quality Housing

Striving for high-quality accessible housing

Greenwich Community Land Trust

Community-led housing on three infill sites

Hemel Hempstead

A template for 21st Century living

Temple Gardens

Contextual village infill development

TfL Living Report

Research into station site developments

Phoenix Cohousing

Exponentially sustainable cohousing

Woodborough Street

Community-led housing for single parents

Lark Row

Self-build cohousing

Kempton Road

Passivhaus infill housing

Crystal Palace Community Land Trust

Affordable housing through participatory design

Dunsfold Way

Innovative mews housing

Newenden Case Study

Rural community masterplan

Greenwich Case Study

Community co-design workshop

Castle Avenue

Backland housing infill

Plough Cottages

Village infill housing

Little Hill

Self-build retrofit of a listed building

Plashet Road

Bay typology housing infill

Uxbridge Road

Urban housing retrofit

Cameron Road

Urban self-build housing