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Archio have been chosen by public vote to be the architects for London Community Land Trust’s first solo housing development, in Lewisham.

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CLT homes are priced according to local earnings, ensuring that people are no longer priced out of the neighbourhood they grew up in. ‘Local earnings’ are taken as the average of median incomes using data published by the Office for National Statistics in November each year. Homes will be sold at approximately one third of the open market values, and represent a unique opportunity for genuinely and permanently affordable homes in an area where they are in huge demand.

Following months of hard work and campaigning led by Lewisham Citizens with London Community Land Trust, the mayor of Lewisham Council agreed that a garage site on the Brasted Close estate, Sydenham, should be declared surplus to the Council’s requirements and that officers would work with the London CLT and Lewisham Citizens for a period of twelve months to develop a fully affordable housing scheme for the site.

In the final public workshop of a three stage selection process, Archio were chosen as the winning practice through a public vote. The “Pick an Architect” workshop allowed residents and members of the community to vote for their favourite practice to deliver the proposals. Residents were also given the opportunity to voice their hopes and concerns for the future of the area and engage directly with the architects to discuss designs for a scheme which will improve the green space, give greater security and draw the community together. The competition process has ensured that local people are able to lead the process to design, build, allocate and manage the homes in partnership with London Community Land Trust.

Following their selection, Archio have run a series of community engagement events, including steering group meetings and a weekend workshop where Archio set up a temporary architect’s studio, to start the design process on the site, with the community.

The scheme achieved planning permission in 2019, having recieved 107 letters of support.