Hemel Hempstead

Archio is working on a feasibility study for 90 homes, which has founding principles in sustainable design, healthy streets and spaces.

Working in partnership with design and research consultancy Urbed and developers TOWN, this masterplan in Hemel Hempstead has been created as an exemplar of 21st century living, including an intergenerational cohousing community, as well as a mix of custom-build, self-build and purpose-build rental housing.

The pilot scheme represents a possible approach to familiar edge-of-town housing developments that often allow the car to dominate the arrangement of homes and people. The masterplan incorporates concepts such as shared parking areas, car clubs and local mobility services. It explores ways to reduce the number of cars moving through the site, thereby improving the quality of life for residents and allowing for more shared spaces and playstreets, which supports a strong community spirit.

Different delivery and tenure models will offer opportunities for people to rent, build their own homes, live in a co-housing community or select from a range of customisation options.

The project has sustainability at its heart, with a focus on carefully-considered strategies for designing and building homes with renewable materials and low energy consumption. This will be combined with investment in more sustainable means of transport, including on-site electric car club, Brompton bike hub and electric cargo bike hire scheme. And a coworking hub will be provided to enable many to work close to home, reducing the need for daily travel.

Archio’s role on the masterplan has been to test the variety of housing typologies, design the mobility-hub and develop the overarching architectural language for the masterplan.

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