Flower Kiosk London

Our client saw the opportunity of activating an under-used area of pavement, adjacent to their shop, on the corner of a lively parade. We were commissioned to design a flower kiosk to provide a permanent piece of street furniture and enhance the streetscape. 

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The external form of the building is derived from electron scanning microscopic images of flower petals, which reveal tiny three-dimensional ridge patterns across the petal surface. The undulating surface of the flower kiosk is therefore a kind of floral motif referencing an invisible and microscopic condition of a flower. 

The lozenge shape of the kiosk rotates to be open during the day, creating space to prepare and wrap the flowers. There is a certain drama in the preparation of flowers for sale, and the process of selecting and wrapping flowers is very tactile. We felt that timber was the most appropriate material to use in this context, and it adds a sensory dimension to the project that other materials might not have done. 

Being in the public realm and exposed to the weather the kiosk is subject to hostile conditions, which meant careful selection of construction materials. We specified Accoya (a high performance acetylated timber product) for the external screen with a galvanised steel internal structure.

The kiosk was almost entirely pre-fabricated. By using off-site manufacture, and working closely with skilled craftsmen, the time on site was reduced to less than a week, with the building itself being craned into place in around an hour.