Angel Yard Norwich

Archio is working in collaboration with TOWN on the Angel Yard intergenerational cohousing project in Norwich. The community group are seeking to create 34 homes with shared amenities, and chose the practice through an invited competition. Located in a conservation area, aspirations for the project are high including passivhaus design, low carbon in construction and renewable energy sources. 

TOWN will act as the development manager, while Archio produce the design of the homes through a series of collaborative workshops with the future residents. The project is fundamentally arranged around the concept of shared living, which will take different forms across a variety of house types to suit individual needs. The structure, process and delivery of the project is very much based on TOWN’s experience of building successful community housing schemes. 

The scheme will offer a mix of apartments, and houses ranging from one to three bedrooms, and a common house with shared space for eating, relaxing and doing laundry, plus a ‘Library of Things’ – something that helps to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the development.

Angel Yard is surrounded by beautiful architecture such as the neighbouring Grade II listed Great Hall and a locally-listed terrace. The design must therefore be complementary to its context and it will pick up on Norwich’s tradition of ‘yards’ where interesting things happen behind the building line. Arched entrances and new front gardens will build upon the character of Sussex Street and reinstate the historic building lines of the site. A curved corner on the junction of Sussex Street and Oak Street will reference local shopfronts.

The planning application was submitted to Norwich Council in May 2022, and we look forward to working with the Council to bring forward this exemplary sustainable housing scheme.

"We want to live in a beautiful, diverse, intergenerational, sustainable cohousing community in Norwich and to promote the well-being of the community through the establishment and nurturing of a culture of cooperation, mutual support and kindness.”

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