CPD: What is Kingspan Quadcore insulation?
November 2017
By Ione Braddick

We were visited by Kingspan Benchmark, part of the wider Kingspan Group, for a CPD on Benchmark and their latest innovative product, Quadcore. 

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Kingspan Benchmark focus on providing high performance envelope solutions. We heard about Kingspan's new innovative insulation product: Quadcore. Quadcore is a 'self-blended hybrid insulation core'. Quadcore insulated panels have a better thermal efficiency better fire protection, and a longer performance guarantee.

Using Quadcore for rainscreen facades:

Kingspan Quadcore Karrier is a factory engineered insulated panel with strength to support rainscreen facades, with a Quadcore technology insulated core.  Used with Kingspan steel frame systems these create full structural wall solutions. 

Quadcore Karrier panels provide:

- 40 year structural and thermal guarantee

- Very efficient install on site times, so quicker build/ not storing additional materials on site.

- Allows envelope to be taken off the critical path much earlier, which means building can be weathertight and watertight earlier so people can get on with interiors/ schools can open etc.

- Thinner build up so provide more internal floor space

- 3 storeys + (highest at moment is 7 storeys)

- 1100mm wide so very manageable on site

- 0.18 U-value at 100mm thickness

- Provide 24dB reduction in noise

- Easy to cut openings for windows

- Lightweight, normal panel weighs 13-14 kg/sqm, so can be installed off a scaffold or by crane.

- Quadcore Karrier panels are currently £50/60 sqm

- No current issue with lead in times

- Can carry 60-70 kg of weight (e.g. cladding)

Kingspan Benchmark provides complete facade systems along with their Quadcore Karrier panel, with a number of different metallic and non-metallic facade casettes. These include: Corten, copper, stainless steel, zinc, polyester powder coated, granite, ceramic, Shakerley, Trespa, HPL.

Kingspan Benchmark has introduced a new facade cassette system called Dri-Design. Dri-design uses an interlocking aluminium cassette system, which can be fixed directly into Quadcore Karrier panels, and comes in a number of the above finishes. Dri-design cassettes can be installed twice as quickly as comparable systems. Dri-design is suitable in linear/ orthogonal situations, but can be difficult with curves (in which case, a metal mullion and hook cassette could be used instead)

Using Quadcore for panellised facades:

Kingspan offer Quadcore Benchmark Evolution, a steel-faced Quadcore insulated panel. This is an unprofiled secret fix panel, which provides single-component installation for the whole facade (it can be laid horizontally or flat) and so is very straightforward to install on site.

Using Quadcore for roofing systems:

Kingspan offer Quadcore Roofliner, which provides the same benefits with Quadcore insulation, and can be used for metal standing seam roofs and single-ply membranes. Quadcore Roofliner comes in standard widths of 1100mm at lengths between 1.8m - 14m.